PRODUCTS Solid Solid Blanc
A reflection on cava cuisine Sòlid: An innovative gastronomic product born out of the complicity of two families: El Celler de Can Roca and Agustí Torelló Mata.
A product to revolutionize cava cuisine: the utmost respect for the product, greater density, longer-lasting taste, greater fixation of endogenous carbonic acid.

Sòlid Blanc

Born out of complicity: cuisine and cava.
Texturized Sòlid Blanc
An explosion of tasty bubbles. Two harmonized textures. A fun touch for seafood, fleshy fruit and cocktails..
A few gastronomic proposals with SÒLID foundations
·· With marinated sardines and grapes.
·· With marinated mackerel ‘ventresca’, cava vinegar and ice plant.
·· A foundation of SOLID crowned with caviar or herring roe.
·· Oysters or cockles, on a bed of apple compote, pineapple cubes, spiced bread, cumin, curry and ginger confit.
·· With fleshy fruits: peach, pear, apricot and loquats in suspension.
As a cocktail: Fun in two textures: SÒLID in the foundation and cava in the upper part.
Retention of endogenous carbonic acid below, expansion above. Ideal in the world of cocktails to reinvent cava cocktails; surprising combinations from greater to lesser density.img-solidblanc-cocktail
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