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A reflection on cava cuisine

Sòlid: An innovative gastronomic product born out of the complicity of two families: El Celler de Can Roca and Agustí Torelló Mata.
A product to revolutionize cava cuisine: the utmost respect for the product, greater density, longer-lasting taste, greater fixation of endogenous carbonic acid.
Born out of complicity: cuisine and cava

Sòlid Rosat

Texturized Sòlid Rosat Trepat
The imagination comes into play.
Pleasing sensation in the mouth.
A fun touch for fleshy fish, berries and cocktails with different colours and densities.

A few gastronomic proposals:
·· With tuna cubes marinated in soya and ginger.
·· With smoked salmon cubes and tomato.
·· A SÒLID ROSÉ foundation crowned with salmon roe.
·· In strawberry or cherry gazpacho.
·· Rose and strawberry jam.
·· Red fruit jam and natural red fruits.·
·· With wild strawberries and eucalyptus ice cream.
·· With cherry sherbet and natural cherries.

As a cocktail:
The cocktail is reinterpreted through color and differing densities.
We recommend a Kir Royal with suspended red fruits.

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